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Rank Tracking Software Features

Rank Tracking

Keeping track of how your competitors are performing in terms of SEO is important.

Rank trackers like SERPResults support and give information on competitors' positions.

Using this tool, you can select your competitors when you set up rank tracking for keywords and do a competitor analysis to know where you stand.

The comparison can also help you pinpoint your competitor’s SEO weak points and capitalize on them.

Reports And Notifications

Every day, the rank tracker gathers and updates new data.

This way, you are up to date with the latest data to better execute your SEO strategy.

Hence, you can rely on our daily/weekly ranking reports and real-time notifications whenever you need to adjust your strategy.

Keyword Finder

Finding keywords is not difficult, but finding the right keywords takes time and dedication!

With this tool, you can enter a general search term to look at the list of keyword ideas, their search volumes, and difficulty in ranking.

You can even look for keywords that are relevant to a particular language or location.

With SERPResults keyword position tracker, you will not only find many and diverse keywords for your website, but it'll also assist you in picking the best keywords that have less competition and high search volumes.


With SERPResults, you can create fully customizable reports that explain how the visibility of your website has improved and how your competitors are performing.

You can download these reports and email them to your colleagues or clients directly from your dashboard.

Rank Tracking Software Features

Desktop And
Mobile Tracking

With SERPResults, you get access to local ranking data from a number of locations, be it towns, cities, or countries.

But this simply isn’t enough!

Therefore we have gone a step further, and you can access this data on your mobile phone as well as your desktop.

We have dedicated time and effort to create these rank tracking software features that will give your business an edge over your competitors and help you rank higher.

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