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Local SEO is growing more relevant each day as more people look for products or services near them.

With people using their phones to do more searches online, this number is still set to grow.

As a result, small business owners need to gauge their business’s visibility on Google — the world’s most popular and trusted platform.

Google’s local algorithms are now heavily weighing ‘proximity’ as a ranking factor.

Use the local rank tracker made by us at SERPResults to monitor the organic search ranking result in your city or country, maps, and local packs!

Local SEO And Local Rank Tracking Is Important For Your Business

You need a good local SEO strategy to have a good Google Maps ranking.

Google Maps are important because they feed into the Google Local Pack.

The top box on Google’s homepage that features three local businesses related to the search query is known as Google 3-pack.

The three featured businesses are determined based on:

  • How geographically close they are to the user
  • How relevant and prominent they are in regards to the search query

Use our Google Map Rank Checker today to keep track of your local SEO efforts.

Local Rank Tracker with GeoGrid Technology

DKnow the Visibility of Your Business To Your Target Audience!
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Our Local Ranker Can Help You Improve Your Google Map Rankings

Your Google Map Rankings depend on the following factors:

  • GMB signals
  • Reviews on your business
  • Link signals
  • Citation signals
  • On-page signals - SEO optimized content, NAP
  • Social signals
  • Personalization
  • Behavioral signals

You can use our Google Map Rank Checker to evaluate the impact of your strategy.

Keeping track of your Google Map rankings will also help you stay ahead of your rivals.

A high Google Maps ranking will help your business get qualified local leads searching for businesses like yours.

Use Our Google My Business Rank Checker To Track The Effectiveness Of GMB Optimization

You can optimize your GMB profile by using a few of these methods:

  • Editing and reviewing GMB descriptions, business menus, logos, and photos to make them more informative and appealing
  • Fact-checking to ensure the information in the GMB listing is accurate
  • Developing a Social Media Strategy
  • Adding Twitter, Facebook, and other social media profiles
  • Link management and building
  • Content marketing
  • Citation building

Track GMB Rankings with our rank tracker today to see if your GMB profile is optimized correctly.

Try our GeoGrid Rank Tracking Software to evaluate the performance of your Local SEO Strategy

Our local rank grid will give you an aerial view of what business users see in your city, town, or neighborhood when they type certain keywords.

This rank tracker helps you to measure the search visibility shared across the map for important keywords.

Use our rank tracker today to see which keywords perform well for your business and which require more attention.

Local Rank Tracker lets you do what is best for your businesss

Your business ranking #1 in a very specific location may limit the number of people you reach. Expanding your locality could unlock potential clients.

But such an expansion is a delicate situation because you run the risk of losing your top-ranking if not done correctly.

You need a tool to track your progress and pinpoint any errors you may have made with your strategy.

Try our local rank tracker today if you would like to expand your service area meticulously and effectively!

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