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White Label Reporting For Your SEO Needs!

SERPResults offers white labeling SEO reporting and solutions.

In general, white labeling is a product or service you can rebrand and resell as your own.

If you're looking for white label reporting software that helps you create a unique experience for your customers, SERPResults has the best solutions.

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Why Use Our White Label Reporting Solutions

Boost Your Brand Awareness

If you have spent years building a reputable company, customers will quickly identify your brand and want to associate with it. If it's a name, logo, or even a unique combination of colors, you want the customers to get the same look and feel when using the product. SERPResults was built with a reseller focus. We can help you develop personalized solutions to meet your client's needs. Our developers work extensively to build features that will distinguish your company from your competitors.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Services

When running a digital marketing agency, client reports are a time-consuming and costly part of the business. Clients require progress reports on data-related projects, meaning time is of the essence. Computing data manually from different search engines can be a huge task that requires additional workforce and financial resources. SERPResults offers an all-in-one solution enabling businesses and marketing agencies to connect data from multiple search engines data and create interactive dashboards and reports that provide real-time updates.

For example, suppose a digital marketing agency runs a Google Ads campaign and wants to compare data through Google Analytics. In this case, our white labeling reporting software allows you to build a dashboard and showcase the progress report to the client using charts or graphs. By using SERPResults, you can furnish your dashboard with your company's logo and colors to give your clients a consistent brand look and feel when interacting with the dashboard.

Our Reporting Features

Partner With Us To Utilize Our SEO Tools

Using SERPResults, you can collect data from all your client's marketing channels and monitor the progress in a single platform.

You can utilize SEO tools such as rank tracker to get insights on the search rates of keywords and use the findings to adopt the right content for your client's site pages.

An Interactive Platform

SERPResults allows you to add your commentary by writing personalized comments for each section of your report.

You can also draft an executive summary and make recommendations.

In some cases, data patterns may be irregular, and SERPResults allows you to clarify and approve a recommendation before sending it out to the client.

In addition to the software-generated report, SERPResults allows you to add your insights, thus developing a comprehensive report for your clients.

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